Understanding the role that pesticides have in terms of benefits, costs and risks is important to help us make better decisions as a society. Steve Savage (author blog Applied Mythology) does this brilliantly in helping us demystify and demythologize pesticides. Interview was done by Fourat Janabi (author blog Random Rationality) another excellent blog covering science and its role in society. Highly recommended both blogs.

Random Rationality

As I delve further into the depths of agriculture, particularly in respect to GMOs which has become my pet project, I am consistently astounded by how much I don’t know. Granted, that hasn’t stopped me from forming, having, and propagating opinions, but always, in the recesses of my mind, preparing myself for the possibility that what I take for granted and believe in may be wrong.

I was once wrong about GMOs, and then I was wrong again on pesticides. Continuing on in the same vein as my Lowdown on GMOs series, I’ve reached out to plant pathologist Steve Savage to pick his brain on pesticides as it is perhaps just as big an issue as the use of GMOs today. Enjoy.

0 – Lots of folks are increasingly having concerns over pesticides. In that regard, before we begin, I think it will pay dividends to define a few things

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