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Based on our presentation on behalf of IFPRI at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Technical Conference on the Low Levels of Genetically Modified Crops in International Food and Feed Trade held March 20-21, 2014 in Rome, Italy and based on responses from different stakeholders, we felt necessary to share not only the presentation but also our comments to the slides and additional information about the presentation.




LLPs are becoming an important issue due to increases in market shares and the volume of trade of GM commodities. To this state of nature we can add an increasing pipeline of new GM crops and events – including for example stacked products- the lack of policies and even definitions which has lead in some cases to a slow down of import regulations development. Some countries, have implemented a 0% tolerance for imports of unapproved products, which may not be realistic.

I believe then that it is prudent to focus on implementation issues. The fact that the Codex Annex included a simplified procedure for dealing with LLPs, is a signal from multiple countries and stakeholders, of the need to move forward.