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Here are two presentations which in mind are AHA presentations.

One is by Professor David Hughes, Emeritus, Imperial College on “Feeding a Hungry World: Who will be the Winners and Losers in the Global Food Industry”


Second is by Charlie Arnot from the Center for Food Integrity “Values, Trust and Science – Building Trust in an Age of Radical Transparency and Unbridled Social Media” http://www.abic.ca/abic2013/PDF/SPEAKER_PRESENTATION/CharlieArnot.pdf

Interesting thinking here. Prof. Hughes makes the point that the food, feed and fiber production system AND the value added chain, has changed and will continue to change. Science and policy need to change in order to address issues that this change will bring over time. On the other hand, Mr. Charlie Arnot presentation emphasizes the fact that in order for science to become effective again it urgently needs to gain the trust of society in an era of social media and unbridled transparency.