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I just signed the petition “Global scientific community condemns the recent destruction of field trials of Golden Rice in the Philippines” on Change.org.

It’s important. Will you sign it too? So far, 2050 scientists from around the globe have signed the petition. Here’s the link:


You may not know that activists destroyed one of the sites for the confined field trials of Golden Rice in the Philippines, a technology that delivers beta carotene, a pro-vitamin A that will be useful in helping millions of people in developing countries avoid the scourge of vitamin A deficiency leading to blindness, stunting, wasting and death. Other technologies that incorporate micro-nutrients and other nutritionally enhancements are being developed by the international research community.

This is a public sector release that will be given away for free following IRRI and the Rice Humanitarian Board guidelines. Activists are claiming that this is a Trojan Horse meant to make the issue of GMO more palatable to society and for the posterior introduction of other technologies by the public sector. Regardless of one’s position to GMOs this is not in my mind a acceptable behavior. Furthermore it is a frontal attack at science and all of what it represents and contribute to society’s welfare.