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  • Evaluate tradeoffs with socioeconomic considerations into decision making.
Prudent to consider this step even when the country has made the inclsuion of socioeconomics mandatory through a law or regulation.
  • Focus on the inclusion and implementation processes
  • Consider having a basic requirement of a standard economic review/assessment with a defined evaluation criteria
–Producers’ net income
–Smallholder net income
–Downside production/financial risk
  • Critical allowing completion of biosafety risk assessment/analysis process. We have seen this as an important issue based on the Brazilian experience.
  • Ensure there are no authority conflicts between regulatory agencies, In fact, prudent to maximize collaboration synergies between agencies.
  • Ensure there are no conflicts with international obligations especially WTO
  • Ensure that the overall goal  of implementing a functional bioafety system is maintained. This involves considering implementation issues such having a transparent, feasible, fair and time/cost efficient and protective process