Interesting reading. What I want to do is to trace in a research project, all that goes into the process of producing agricultural products using organic, fair trade, socially conscious, and conventional approaches. Sometimes, I wonder if the additional cost of getting certified, makes the attractiveness of producing organic or fair trade…less attractive. I know of a friend who stopped producing organic coffee as the certification was a pain in the neck. This will be an awesome project if I can get funds to implement it at one point…cross the fingers…

Random Rationality

Following on from my last guest post, The Insanity of Biotech by biochemist Paul Little, Mike Bendzela is the author of this guest post. These guest posts have been tangentially exploring similar subjects I have in my book, but in different directions; and this post explores organic farming. In S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism, I lightheartedly tackle the naturalistic fallacy and use some bad (and funny) statistics that purposefully confuse correlation with causation, intending to teach a lesson. As I was writing the book, Mike Bendzela reached out to me with his organic story that sprouts off from that Correlation chapter, and it is a supremely informative read. (A bit long, well worth it, and you’re used to long articles from me anyway.)

Why I’m Through with Organic Farming

by Mike Bendzela of Dow Farm Enterprise

It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you;

you are defiled by…

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