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In a previous posting “Broad socio-economic assessments in practice” I have discussed many issues that socioeconomic assessment experts and policy/decision makers are likely to face with real applications and formal socioeconomic assessments.

I would also add that we have to clearly distinguish between including socioeconomic issues during the implementation of the risk (environmental and food/feed) assessment and including a formal socioeconomic assessment process. The later will require a formal study and an evaluation process of such study in order to yield a decision. In the former, specific issues are considered and included in the risk assessment as they modify environmental or food/feed safety profiles. These are two distinct alternatives which I think have not been separated in the discussions and which have separate implications for regulatory design.

I propose that socioeconomic issues, as long as they are relevant to the risk assessment process, have been considered in existing risk assessment procedures and in risk mitigation proposals and post-release monitoring plans such as insect resistance management (IRM) procedures put in place as a requisite for deliberate release.