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A interesting blog entry by Dr. Stuart Smyth of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada for Ag-West Bio.

Farmers produce crops that provide high returns and – according to recent research that was led by a group from the University of Saskatchewan that examined the adoption impacts from GM canola – farmers in Western Canada also benefit by an additional $350-400 million annually from cleaner fields and lower production costs.

In 1999, only 10% of canola was produced using zero and/or minimum tillage, but by 2006, zero and/or minimum tillage accounted for 65% of canola production. The environmental impact of the herbicides applied to canola had dropped by 53%, with 1.3 million fewer kilograms of herbicide active ingredient applied to canola than if GM canola not been developed. GM canola increases the safety for farmers, farm workers, consumers and the environment as a whole.

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