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We are facing a quite a challenge. We need to produce more food, with less land and resources, while protecting the environment. This task is made even more challenging as we face increasing climate change, population and urbanization pressures, problems with fertilizer and other input availability and a more complex demand for food. To face this challenge we need to explore, and use when proven to be beneficial, every option available to improve production and productivity. Humanity as a species do not have any choice any more. We cannot delay anymore, except to ensure that new technologies are reasonably safe for human, animals and the environment. This is more of less the same line of argumentation made by Mark Lynas, a well respected environmentalist, who opposed GM crops and who after reviewing the existing evidence, has changed his opinion about this technology.

To see the lecture by Mark Lynas for the Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference on 3 January 2013 please click here