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Melinda Smale and Jose Falck-Zepeda are the Guest Editors of the special issue “Farmers and Researchers Discovering Biotech Crops: Experiences Measuring Economic Impacts among New Adopters” in the journal AgBioForum (AgBioForum ).

This special issue includes articles by IFPRI staff and country partners including: Patricia Zambrano “Unweaving the Threads: The Experiences of Female Farmers with Biotech Cotton in Colombia” and “A Case of Resistance: Herbicide-tolerant Soybeans in Bolivia”, Jose Falck-Zepeda “Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis: Impact Estimation Issues from the Early Adoption of GM Maize in Honduras”, and Ekin Birol “Bi-Modal Preferences for Bt Maize in the Philippines: A Latent Class Model” amongst others.