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A quite interesting book which had a quite innovative approach in its development. This is the product of a conference on biotechnology and sustainability organized by the University of Arkansas and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Arkansas. With contributions by Peggy Lemaux, Pamela Ronald, Mark K. Sears, Eric Sachs, Alison Van Eenennaam, Dominic Brossard, William Meyers, Tony Cavalieri and myself, amongst others this book in my opinion contributes towards the goal of finding a common pathway between agriculture and environment and the shared vision necessary to ensure meeting goals from both.
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The Chapter we contributed to this edited books is:

Falck-Zepeda, J.B. and A. Cavalieri. 2012.. “Risk Assessment Approaches for Biosafety.” In The Role of Biotechnology in a Sustainable Food Supply” Editors Jennie Popp (U. of Arkansas), Maty Matlock (U. of Arkansas), Nathan Kemper (Southern Center Risk Management),  Molly Jahn (U. of  Wisconsin- Madison),  Cambridge University Press.