For those interested in the literature, tools, methods, issues and to tap unto different experts on the athe assessment of socio-economic issues related to biosafety and/or technology regulatory decision making, I have created a group in Mendeley called “Socio-Economics, Biosafety & Decision Making”. You can find the Group here: Mendeley Group “Socio-economics, biosafety and decision making”

The description of the group is as follows:

“A collection of research outputs assembled by Jose Falck-Zepeda, Guillaume Gruere, Patricia Zambrano, Debdatta Sengupta and colleagues and partners at IFPRI and the Program for Biosafety Systems (PBS) on the socio-economic assessments of genetically modified organisms in developing and developed countries and other relevant knowledge tools and literature.”

Mendeley is a excellent tool to manage references and literature collections. The tool itself can be used to pick up references online and to manage collections, as well as provide some reference editing services to generate reference lists. Later is similar to Reference Manager.

We will later connect bECON, our collection of literature on the economic impact of genetically modified crops, already available in Mendeley to this group. Hopefully this will be a nice tool for the use of researchers, regulators, policy and decision makers.