The Program for Biosafety Systems

The Program for Biosafety System (PBS) supports partner countries in Africa and Asia in the responsible development and use of biotechnology. Managed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), PBS works with countries interested in using biotechnology to enhance agricultural innovation.

In many developing countries, economic growth and sustainability depend on the strong performance of the agricultural sector. The tools of biotechnology, when combined with the science of breeding, have created improved varieties that deliver increased value globally. Today, smallholder farmers in more than 15 countries successfully grow crop varieties developed through biotechnology.

Other countries, however, have not integrated biotechnology into their agricultural systems. Often, this hesitancy is due to a lack of a rational and predictable biosafety framework that facilitates access to products and varieties produced using biotechnology.

Our independent and diverse team of experts supports the development of effective biosafety systems through an integrated package of assistance, including:

Sustained, on-the-ground support
A practical, product-focused approach
Science-based regulatory services
Independent policy research by IFPRI that informs decisionmakers
Unique methods to design stakeholder outreach and communication strategies
Legal analysis and advice

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