Let’s assume that we have a clear path for the socio-economic assessment which may consider long term impacts and institutional issues related to potential adoption. The regulatory authority/decision making body commissions a third party to perform a social-economics assessment that includes a broad set of issues. What will the decision making process look like in practice? How and what will the regulatory/decision making body use in its decision on whether to approve, require more information or reject the application dossier for deliberate (commercial) release? Will this decision be different if evaluation post-release monitoring activities and thus decide on deregulation?

Assuming that the event has been deemed “safe” by the environmental or food/feed safety risk assessment processes to the established standard, and any results from the socio-economic assessment show potential socio-economic and institutional issues (access to credit, market concentration, labor displacement) what is the regulatory decision? Would it be contingent upon resolving institutional issues before approving? Can we reconcile this decision with those that may be potentially exacerbated by the technology release as pointed out by Stone?

The issue is foreseeing these issues so that the regulatory process is clear to all stakeholders before implementation.