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The Secretariat of the Convention of Biological Diversity ascribed to the United National Environmental Programme has invited José Falck-Zepeda as active participant in their online discussions and an expert to give a presentation on socio-economic assessments as related to biosafety and biotechnology decision making and capacity building at the “Workshop on Capacity-Building for Research and Information Exchange on Socio-Economic Impacts of Living Modified Organisms” in New Delhi, 14-16 November 2011.

To get more information about this workshop including the preliminary agenda please click here

The European Commission – Joint Research Centre – Institute of Prospective Technical Studies (EC-JRC-IPTS) and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have invited José Falck-Zepeda as a socio-economic assesment expert to make a presentation on “Socio economic considerations of GM crops in the context of the Cartagena Protocol of Biosafety- Convention on Biological Diversity” at the “International Workshop on Socio-Economic Impacts of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops” 23-24 November 2011 in Seville Spain. More information as it becomes available.