A collection of case studies, tools, knowledge, experiences, and research outputs and outcomes from Jose Falck Zepeda and colleagues at IFPRI and the Program for Biosafety Systems (PBS) on the socio-economic assessments of genetically modified organisms in developing and developed countries. Designed to inform policy/decision makers, specialists and the 2012 COP-MOP6 in India, this blog looks at technology assessment and a technology assessment process within a biosafety regulatory process.

This blog is a forum for the many issues related to the potential inclusion of socio-economic considerations into decision-making as related to the implementation of Article 26.1 of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and national laws, policies and regulations. This discussion cannot be separated from its agricultural, political, and environmental context–or from efforts addressing poverty reduction strategies, growth and prosperity building, science and technology, and livelihoods in developing countries.
I will address the many issues related not only to biosafety and biotechnology policy and regulatory development but also to implementation in developing countries. Furthermore I will examine the cost, benefits, and risk from technology adoption and use and from the potential regulatory implementation activities.

Developing countries are now at critical juncture: they must  decide if they want to become failed states with bleak futures or follow the path of responsible growth and prosperity that strives to be sustainable. The latter is still attainable if we decide to do things the right way. There is no magical medicine and nobody has all of the answers, so lets take one issue at a time and then have the will to do the right thing. Let follow this journey together and learn from each other.

Most of the time my contributors and I will write in English, but some posts will be in Spanish. I will normally post every single comment sent to me, but hope that even if you disagree radically from my opinion, that your comment includes the rationale behind your position and the arguments against my own positions. I think this is a fair process.